The two most important days in a person’s life is the day they were born and the day they find out why.

– Mark Twain

here are the steps to
Living Your Life Purpose.

How would it feel to live100% of the time with passion, purpose, fulfillment and abundance.

At some Level everyone desires to live this way but truth of the matter is we have all worked very hard to resolve these conflicts and we still aren’t getting the answers that feed our soul.

  • We have been to seminars, purchased programs and still aren’t getting the results we desire.
  • Life is difficult because we have only been taught to live with a survival mindset.
  • We focus on acquiring money and material things and never feel fulfilled.
  • We develop the ability to hope for the best while always preparing for the worst.
  • We live in a world where there are winners and losers.

Does this sound familiar?

I lived this way for over 40 years…….until I was so miserable that I couldn’t take it any more and I had to go find out why.

Would you like me to share with you the secrets that I uncovered in the last 25 years that permanently ended my misery and allows me to constantly live in peace, joy, abundance and freedom?

My promise to you is that by the end of this video you will know the four steps and the powerful results they create in my life every day.

Does that sound good to you?

I am Bill Heinrich

And for the past 30 years I have been researching to find the cause of my misery and start living a passionate, purposeful and prosperous life. I have dedicated my life to finding the solutions so I can share them with everyone.
I have written two books “The Seven Levels of Truth – A direct Path to Your life Purpose” and “Clarity Has No Story”.

For the past 12 years I have been working with clients all around the world, sharing my discoveries.

Frankly I stumbled into every one of these steps by continuing to find out what doesn’t work. What I discovered was that the universe offers us resources that provide a direct path to our life purpose. We live in two dimensions, one is physical and the other is non-physical. When we connect with the non-physical resources available to us we can eliminate the frustration, stress and overwhelm that are constant in our lives.

Here are the steps

You must understand the difference between surviving and thriving.

This is the secret that connects you directly to all of your power and potential.
Instead of being limited to your 5 senses you must access the 7 Muti-sensory resources that are available to everyone, absolutely free.

It is essential to understand the stories and beliefs that are blocking you, standing in your way and holding you back.

You developed these stories and beliefs to survive and they no longer serve you.
We all have these stories and beliefs inside us.
So, I developed a simple system called “The Challenge Wheel” that allows you to uncover, discover and discard anything that doesn’t serve you any more.

Everyone is living with a blindfold on making decisions based on who we aren’t!

We each have individual life lessons that create massive blindspots in our lives, this is what makes life so challenging.
When I show you your exact life lessons and how they continually sabotage you, you will be make powerful choices that unleash all of your power and potential instantly.

We are not here to work hard, not at all. We each have a very specific Divine Purpose and when we aren’t in aware of it, we end up struggling, frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out.

We each come to earth with 7 Divine Gifts, we all have the exact same 7 Divine Gifts but everyone has a different proportion of each gift. This creates our life purpose.

When these three keys are implemented in the proper way, the results are astounding.

Do you do whatever is necessary to keep others happy because you hate it when people are upset with you?

Maybe you give too much and find yourself drained of energy and resentful.

Do you struggle with making decisions because there are too many choices?

Our life purpose isn’t a job description! It takes much more energy and work when you aren’t living your life purpose.
When you know your life purpose you have a blueprint that takes you directly to abundance.
You become ageless, timeless and life is effortless.
You become an energetic magnet that creates unlimited possibilities, momentum and a blueprint that unleashes infinite opportunities.

Here is your chance to start feeling fulfilled, passionate and purposeful.

You have 3 choices!

Do nothing and continue on with your life.

Click the link below and buy :The Seven Levels of Truth”, it contains the complete blueprint I use when I work with clients.

If you want to jump in the fast lane and get past everything blocking you, standing in your way and holding you back click on the “Program” link and schedule a clarity session.

What is your choice?

Are you ready to end your suffering and live in a world of infinite potential? This is your chance, it is your choice! You deserve to know fulfillment, passion, purpose and prosperity!


Bill Heinrich has been my business coach for more than eight years. The primary reason I choose Bill over all of the other candidates is his expertise dealing with the “Inner Game”. I am acutely aware that all of my blocks and challenges in business are actually generated by the stories and emotions that define my life. Bill has an innate ability to assist in identifying the root cause of your emotions and shows you how to avoid the pitfalls associated with the stories behind them.

Brendan J. Kane

International Social Media Consultant

Working with Bill gave me the much needed clarity in my life. With this clarity I have empowered relationships with my family, friends and clients.

Diana Hooker

Accountant & Living Your Greatness Coach
DLH Financial LLC

“I have freedom to be me no matter the circumstances in life and feel joyful and free in my own skin.”

Maruxa Murphy

Community Architect

“I have become more aware of and connected to my authentic self, which is the greatest gift of all.”

David Bruce Bryan

Toronto, Canada