Welcome to my blog, my name is Bill Heinrich (aka “The Divine Purpose Guy”), thanks for coming by my new blog “You Pause”

The reason I’m calling the blog “You Pause” is because I want to help people with stress and overwhelm and the first thing you should do when your re stressed or overwhelm is ………Pause. There are many reasons for pausing in these will be the topics that are discussed in the blog.

I just did a survey regarding stress overwhelmed and I was amazed at how big issue this really is! In fact I am still doing the survey and if you would like to participate in any a question survey regarding stress and overwhelm, email me at thedivinepurposeguy@gmail.com. I would love to have your input.

When I spoke to people in the survey one of the biggest issues was about having control for a lack of control of their life. A serious issue they were very concerned about their ability to maintain balance or come out of stress and overwhelm back to a place of balance. There seem to be majority of the people surveyed who spoke about having to meet the needs and expectations of other people.

So I’m going to be posting articles with solutions based on the information that I’ve gotten from the survey so far which is quite extensive and detailed. I’m also going to invite other practitioners who deal with and have remedies in different areas for stress and overwhelm present articles also. There’s a lot of good information available that will benefit everybody and I intend on using all of the resources available.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to email me. I would love your input and I’m truly looking forward to being of service with this information.