We all live in a private Hall of Mirrors.

Welcome to the hall of mirrors. This is the place where we all live. That sounds a bit like an outlandish statement, but it’s really true. When we think about it for a moment, we live in our own realities. What we see and what we are experiencing in each moment of the day is reflection of who we are inside and how we interpret things. Someone could see someone having an argument and it could be interpreted by two different people, two different ways as they observe what’s going on, but in reality, it’s all about our perceptions and our perception are made of our beliefs, our values.

What we learn as children a lot of which isn’t serving us now. If we’re concerned about moving to a higher plane of existence, living a more spiritual fulfilled life, we have to become aware of the beliefs that we have inside us, that create this hall of mirrors.

What is a hall of mirrors? Have you ever been to an amusement park, where you walk into Hall of Mirrors and things are different shapes and sizes, and tall and skinny fat and so on? That’s what a hall of mirrors is, and that’s a very good example of the realities that we each experience in the same situation, because the world’s a mirror. This is a tremendous tool to use for your own personal growth and your personal transformation as you move down your path towards a fulfilling life, living your true life purpose.

The entire world is a mirror. What we see in the world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. At first this is a concept that becomes a little bit difficult, or at least for me it was a little bit difficult, to really grasp.

When I watch somebody doing something, how does that become me? When I see something, why is that me? Because when we see something, what we do is we take that information and we bring it back in and process it through our minds and then we determine through our minds what it is we just saw.

And if we’re angry… I was angry for a long time and didn’t realize it I had a lot of internal anger that wasn’t getting expressed, and so when I saw things, where there might be anger involved it would scare me because I was afraid of my anger, without knowing that I even had it. So it’s that reflection or when we see wars, and we see battles, and we see chaos, these are the things going inside of us, because when we live with a loving perspective there’s just love. Everything else has to do with our emotions and our life.

So as you go through the day notice what your Hall of Mirrors looks like. You get to change it based upon the choice you make in that moment when you’re doing it, and you can create a new perception that way very easily.