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For more than 25 years I have focused specifically on my personal transformation and changing my life from one of misery to peace, joy, freedom and abundance. I came to learn that we live our lives making decisions based on who we aren’t! We each have unique gifts to share with the world. All of our frustration, stress and overwhelm is created because you don’t have a life-path blueprint leading to your Divine Gifts. My purpose in life is to share what I have learned with as many people as possible so they can live an authentic, responsible and abundant life. For the past eight years I have been a “High Level” Business coach working with clients around the world. We never talk business! We only talk about the inner-game and what lessons they are on earth to learn. I give everyone their life path blueprint with a 100% (money-back) guarantee of success! No one has ever requested a refund because their life improves instantly. No more stress, worry and overwhelm just abundance, potential and an opportunity to serve others at the highest level possible. We become ageless, timeless and deeply connected to the excitement of living an authentic powerful life.

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All of my books, classes and teaching focus on giving you more awareness, which gives you more options and choices.

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Transformation not information! If you want to improve your quality of life instantly, listen to Bill Heinrich speak.

The Answer to Life's Biggest Question!

I wrote “The Seven Levels of Truth” to expand your enjoyment of life by sharing every resource, tip and technique I have learned on my personal transformation path. This information didn’t just work for me! I have been researching this information in my coaching laboratory working directly with clients, all over the world. Everyone has achieved amazing success for one specific reason, we are all different! No two people are the same. We each have our own life lessons and a very specific life purpose, a unique gift to share with the world. How you apply these resources is your choice, you’ll know what is best. You only need to understand the correct path to follow, the one that leads to your life purpose.

That is why I wrote “The Seven Levels of Truth” so you could go on your own journey of self discovery and live your life purpose. It took me five years to write the book so I could make certain that I explained these teaching in a manner that you would understand. It was worth the wait! You don’t need to be told how to do this, you only need access to the accurate information. You see, we are all different with different; families of origin, geographic regions, financial conditions, spiritual beliefs, life experiences and inner-game stories and beliefs. Everyone is completely different! This is why you only need the accurate resources to investigate, you will know which one is the right one to start with.

You can get a FREE copy of the “The Seven Levels of Truth” by clicking the link below. I simply ask that you pay shipping and handling for the book. I guarantee that you life will improve INSTANTLY, when you read

“The Seven Levels of Truth”,
Bill Heinrich

“You have all he questions inside you and “The Seven Levels of Truth has all of the answers.”

Jose Miguel Ruiz
“The Fifth Agreement”
N.Y. Times Best Selling Author
co-authored with Don Miguel Ruiz

Let me help you realize your business goals and find success!

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“The Divine Purpose Guy”


Transformation not Information!
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My life purpose is to empower others so they can empower others.


“I have run out of skeptics!
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Coaching with Bill has been an amazing and valuable experience. The clarity that I had been searching so hard for, simply appeared.
Antonios H.- Philadelphia, Pa
I can see more clearly the ways that I fit into the beautiful picture of life and the choices that I can make to express my love and authenticity more divinely.
Christina H.Dalsas, Texas
Allowing others to self correct, gives more of me to others in unconditional love eliminating my neediness!
Duane G-Wyoming

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The simplest way to begin is by reading “The Seven Levels of Truth” and find out if my resources, tools and teaching agree with you! I share all of the resources I use everyday with my coaching clients. This may not be for you! It is important to find teaching that resonate with you, we are all different and we have varied perspectives. All of the tools and resources in “The Seven Levels of Truth” are designed to allow you to pick and choose what is best for you. You’ll know which is best for you.

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Do you need a powerful speaker for a group, event or team workshops. If you have a desire to learn information that will allow you to improve you life immediately, look no further! There is to much information and motivation in the personal development space. Clients tell me all the time “Why do I still struggle after all of the workshops and seminars? I have spent thousands of dollars and don’t feel like I have received much benefit in my life.” I guarantee you will not feel this way after working with me.

Transformation not information! The resources and tools I make people aware of in my talks, coaching and teaching will allow you to make positive changes immediately! And, this awareness never leaves you! It doesn’t fade away after a few days or a few weeks. I guarantee you I am not going to waste my time or yours! I only deliver impactful tools and resources that can be understood, activated immediately and stay with you forever!

I can provide custom speeches or workshops for your group or organization that will support your theme, intention and desires. My only goal is to provide immediate, lasting improvements in the lives of my clients, students and audience. I will not settle for less! That is why I have a100% money back success guarantee for every client.

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Clarity Has No Story

A shaman’s guide to mastering the Law of Attraction.

The biggest challenge that I realized we each face every day is living in a story from the past. We all have stories and these stories shape our lives. What the stories do is block us from having clarity because we are constantly living in support of our stories, usually without any awareness of it!

The words we speak create our life and determine the level of peace, joy, love and freedom that we experience. When we speak we use language that is not supportive of our intentions in life. We get trapped in our internal stories and speak in a manner that takes away from our life purpose and satisfies our physical needs. It is as simple as listening to your self speak and gaining awareness of how you can use words that more specifically support your intentions and desires.

When working with the Law of Attraction you must create a clarity that the universe will understand and it will simply deliver your intentions and desires or something better. You must accurate in your request and support it accordingly with your words, thoughts and actions. The real issue isn’t how you speak! No, the real issue is getting to the root of your stories and beliefs that are blocking you. You will learn how to do that by reading “Clarity has No Story.”

Clarity Has No Story

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An empowerment Clarity session will show you exactly what is blocking you, standing in your way and holding you back. You will leave totally refreshed with clarity, purpose and a plan of action.

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My life purpose is to empower others and I am always looking for opportunities to sow people how to live a more authentic, responsible and abundant life. Drop me a note and let’s discuss your event.

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I have entered into some very successful joint ventures with seminar leaders, mastermind hosts and transformational speaker summits. Do you have an a group you meet with on a regular basis and you would like to introduce them to a simple and powerful way to achieve their dreams. Get in touch with me and I would love to discuss I may be of service to you.