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Are you ready to take powerful action toward discovering and living your life purpose?
The programs below are designed to let you overcome years of negative patterns and unlock access to your birthright of peace, power, happiness and abundance faster than you ever thought possible.


Group Empowerment Class

After 4 years of conducting “proof of concept”, working one-on-one with clients and groups, helping them get amazing results remarkably fast — I want to make this life-changing work available to many more people. So I developed this entry-level flagship program for YOU, to make it easy and affordable to begin your journey toward your True Life Purpose. Since my one-on-one availability is so limited (and costly) this is your best way to get access to my best guidance that has already helped hundred of people transform their lives. Every month I host two group empowerment classes, on line with video conferencing. This class is a six month commitment and it requires an authentic commitment on your part to know and live your true life purpose. You must go through an interview to make certain that you are in a place in life that can accommodate such a rapid improvement. If you have interest in creating the life of your dreams, set up a complimentary coaching call, the link is on the home page. I provide a 100% money back success guarantee on every product and service.

Individual Coaching (1 on 1)

Without a doubt the fastest way to achieve success and start living your life purpose. The challenge is time! I have limited space on my calendar for individual coaching and as such there are a number of obstacles to get into this program. I meet three times each month with my individual clients and we generate miracles very quickly. Yes miracles! A miracle is simply an unexpected event with a positive outcome! If you have interest in coaching with me set up a complimentary coaching call, the link is on the home page. I provide a 100% money back success guarantee on every product and service.


If you have an extraordinarily busy schedule or special needs for confidentiality the VIP Day is the thing for you. This is designed for people who want to move forward din the fastest manner possible. You are sick and tired of banging you head against the wall or at least it feels that way. This is a full day with me in Las Vegas (my home base) or any place of you choosing. No matter what is troubling you, what you feel is missing in your life or how frustrated and overwhelmed you are, we can get it resolved, quickly! I guarantee your success with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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