What are people saying?

Coaching with Bill has been an amazing and valuable experience. The clarity that I had been searching so hard for, simply appeared.
Antonios H.
– Philadelphia, Pa
I can see more clearly the ways that I fit into the beautiful picture of life and the choices that I can make to express my love and authenticity more divinely.
Christina H.
Dalsas, Texas
Allowing others to self correct, gives more of me to others in unconditional love eliminating my neediness!
Duane G

Today, I grounded the Divine Creation energy flowing through me. I feel I am making a stand and using what I was created to do.
Ellen L.
~ Los Angeles, ca.
This course gave me tremendous peace of mind in understanding how I can attract anything I want into my life.
Jim H.
~ Houston, Tx
I am now able to intentionally shift from head to heart, from thinking to feeling, from ego to soul, and from fear to love.
David B.
Toronto, Canada

I was amazed at the way bill help me tap into my unique divine gifts. His gift, his genius is in helping others discover how to shift their energy in a matter of seconds so that they can move forward with great confidence. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him and you will be too!
Paul H.
~ Palo Alto, Ca
Moving from my head to my heart allows me to make clear choices in line with my Divine Purpose so that I may fully love and serve myself and others.
Leanne M.
~ Chicago, Il
Hi Every aspect of my world opened up in ways I could NEVER imagine.
Lizel z.
~ Honolulu

Loving and honouring myself is paramount in living my life’s purpose!
Rosie c.
~ Toronto, Ca
I have never felt more comfortable in my skin because I finally know who I am.
Thuy T.
~ Huntington Beach, Ca.
Now understanding my life lessons and the simplicity of dealing with it makes me feel so happy, powerful and committed to create my divine life.
Reto S
~ Zurich, Sw

This course introduced me to Me! Now I make conscious choices from a place of loving acceptance.
Tracey T.
~ San Diego, Ca
How you would change my life! Out of the blue, I decided that even though I love writing I take on too many jobs that are reflective of me or who I am. Since deciding this a couple of weeks ago, I have had so many offers I can barely keep up. I am for the first time truly living in my divinity and my outlook and bank account are there to prove it! I am busy as all get out, but so happy about everything I’m choosing to do. You know, I did believe that things would change, but I had no idea how much! Thank you for that.
Susan C
– Denver, Colorado